What are we the best at??

Car Industry

We can build beautiful website for your car or motorcycle related business.


Rich, high resolution website content for your restaurant, bar, club or any hospitality related business.

Business Promotion

Promote your small or medium business through a stunning webiste made by TDG.

Power Station

Our server strenght is simply high-end... For clients who prefer quality over quantity.

Website Service

Here are the best assets we can offer for you and your business in Website Design and Development.


Website Development

We can develop website to your needs, such as internal search-engine or discount card system.


Website Design

Want a stunning, fresh front-end design? Tell us your dream so we can make it happen.


Website Hosting

We provide bulletproof hosting with C-panel. Perfect for ″heavy″ wordpress, E-commerce, HTML, PHP.


Fix Website

Let us know your issue, we offer professional solution which won′t cost you a fortune.


We are very skillful in optimization to lift certain limitation casused by not fully optimized parts of your system.


Website Optimization

Website optimization is something we are very good at. Proper inspection and proper solution!


Image Optimization

Image optimization is very important and has large impact on your website, either positive or negative.



Search Engine Optimization to make search engines be your friend. So customers find you easier.


Google Analytic

We will set it up, code it in, and show you how to measure your traffic and everything you can do with it.

Other Services

We provide a wide range of solutions to match your needs in your business.


Graphic Design

High resolution, professional, outstanding. We specialise in branding, advertising and packaging.


Digital Marketing

We create beautiful digital artwork in any size, from small favicons to large bus adverts or van designs.



Whether it is portrait, landscape or product, for your business or a portfolio, we are more then happy to help.


Image Manipulation

With an advanced technology, we can modify your existing images, logos, photos to a better quality.

Process vs Progress

Liaising with our customers

We will listen to your requierments, to understand what your goals are and how you would like to achive those. We will develop the concept idea and build on it. We always work closely with you to make sure we are going in the right direction.

Concept & Development

Processing the initial ideas, developmeing them, checking with you on a step-by-step basis, updating you with the progress.

Customer Satisfaction

In the final stage, we will show you the final development that we built based on your ideas. Final revisions, which are usually very small things our customers want differently (like colours, borders, etc). Always making sure our customers are completly satisfied.